Joy in the Journey

I had an epiphany of sorts yesterday.  I had gone to the gym to re-up myself for the long haul (you know, that determined effort to relocate your waitstline?) and then took the kids swimming.  When we decided to school year round regardless, one of the reasons was that the kids wanted time to go swimming and have fun outings and not just school, school, school all of the time.  So, I’m watching them playing in the water and having fun and I realized that in my efforts to put the "home" in our homeschool and homestead, I had destroyed the joy in the journey of homeschool.  It was like doing school at home with none of the fun that we had previously enjoyed.  Not to mention how tired and worn out I’ve felt since I quit exercising on a regular basis.

I got to take two lucious dips in the hot tub & a couple of swims in the pool (Karra called it refreshing; I called it COLD!).  We stayed in the pool for an hour and it was just fun and wonderful.  We were very tired when we got home and wondering how we will pull off swimming on a dance night.  The girls don’t get home until 8pm after dance.  It will be a very long day for them when we’re leaving at 9:30 to drive to the gym.  But, we don’t have to get up in the morning.  The biggest problem will be packing enough food in the cooler to get us through the day!  I’m trying not to think of when soccer starts and Kurt & I will be out until 8pm as well.

As an aside I must describe to you Kurt as he headed for the swimming pool:    He has on his swim trunks, life jacket, adult-sized flippers, swim mask (the strap folds his ears down), and snorkel.  Slap, flop, slap, flop, he walks out of the stall and tries to navigate his way out of the ladies locker room and out to the pool.  The ladies are sticking their heads out of the changing stalls to get a look because he ‘sounds’ so funny!  I just shook my head and said, "that’s his dad, not me!"   I wish, oh, how I wish, I’d had a camera!

That is today’s homeschool adventure from the Happy Palace Prep Academy, home of the Penguins.

2 thoughts on “Joy in the Journey

  1. Thank you, HopefulHeart. I've spent many "peaceful" mornings sipping coffee and enjoying the view. We are very blessed in our palace.

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