I must, must, must, go on a fast!  It just can’t wait any longer.  I’m over run by this compulsion and I must break free from the hold that it has on me.  I have too much fabric!!  Technically, you can NEVER have too much fabric, but keep reading.

 I have two blanket storage boxes crammed full; I have 4 large JoAnn’s bags on the floor- full;  I have a bushel basket (with a beautiful padded lid)- full; I am a junky.  I know that I am not the only sewer out there with this problem.  I’m also not the only sewer with a fabric addiction and no more room to store it. 

On the ironing board at this moment there is:

a baby blanket that I need to put together for a shower this Saturday;   fabric for Kristen’s Holly Hobby dress that she wants to wear for Easter;   fabric for a skirt for Kristen;   fabric for a denim bag for Karra to hold her birding books;   3 patriotic fabrics for shorts and shirts for Kurt and pillows for a friend who’s son is in the Navy (woo hoo, go NAVY!);  fabric to put a backing on a cross-stitch that Karra made for me for Christmas (for my chickens – awww).

On the floor while looking for the measurements for the baby blanket, I found 2 yards of safari fleece to make a blanket for Kurt.  There are 5 t-shirts for making fun matching summer dresses for the girls & me.  A beautiful pink and brown plaid to make Karra a skirt and a gorgeous floral that I bought because it was peonies!  Oh, and in the bag with the fleece, I found the denim sewing machine needles that I KNEW I had bought (before Christmas!) and a pattern.  I have piles of flannel to make nightgowns for the girls and waited so long that they got too big for a nightgown with that little fabric.  They will have flannel sleep/lounge pants for every day of the week!  Ok, one of the fabrics for Karra I’m going to put plain white sleeves on, but if I don’t get going she’ll grow again and they will end up sleep pants.  Excpt I barely scrimped out a pair with 2 yards of fabric.  Oh, and there is a gorgeous green broadcloth to make a dress shirt for Kurt and a beautiful rusty red to make a dress for me.  And the cowgirl boots & Christmas lights fabric that I’m hiding from Kristen to make her a special dress for next Christmas.  There is also fabric for 2 large Christms gift bags.

Have I mentioned that I’m cross-stitching again?  When I’m not kntting, which I’ve gotten serious about and am going to start my first ever sweater (as soon as I finish re-knitting my shawl for the 5th time – just love the feel of that yarn!!).

So, I challenge no one to fast with me – the economy really would go under in a hurry if all of the sewers stopped buying fabric! Say, that’s it.  I HAVE to keep buying fabric.  It’s my patriotic duty.  It’s as all-American as apple pie and Mom and the Chevy truck out back and the chickens in the coop and and and and the puppy Joel wants me to get for Karra?  Keep shopping fellow sewers!  We’ll save the economy one yard at a time!

And that’s what’s happening on the homestead!

2 thoughts on “Fasting

  1. Oh my, you've got it bad, bad, bad on that fabric stash. But in your defense, you do have a PLAN for various fabrics and that is actually more than I have. I've basically had the same fabric for the last 3-5 years. Why you wonder. Because I'm NOT SEWING anything. But my fabric sits, and sits, and I'd love to pull it out and play with it. Love to feel it sliding through the sewing machine. Love to be able to say I MADE SOMETHING FINALLY, but alas, the fabric just sits. Someday it will either be made into something – anything at this point would be better than what it is doing now — collecting dust. Or it will just rot away. Would really enjoy a show on your blog of your creations with fabric and yarn. 🙂

  2. Thanks, CheleLew. I know I need to get a lot of pictures up & running. As many times as I've knitted that shawl, it needs to be shown off. I got an e-mail from a friend who told me not to worry about the fabric: she has tubs of it and they don't even sew!!

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