Good Morning Blogosphere!!

Well, the computer just ate my entry and I’m not going to retype it.  Suffice to say that the colossal decision has been made to become year round schoolers!  We just don’t feel like we can enjoy the benefits of homeschooling when we’re tied to a "calendar" school year.  Joel is even okay with it.  We’ll do school in the mornings and be able to enjoy other activities in the afternoons.  The more I’ve tried to stay home and "do" school, the more stressed we get.  I want the kids to pursue their passions and interests and not be bogged down by an overloaded life.  So, we’re going back to the gym to swim & help Mom find her waistline (there is nothing like looking at a 10 year old video of yourself to show you just how far you’ve lost it!).  We can do the library again and actually utilize it’s benefits.  Once summer hits school may shift to the afternoon so that Mom can garden in the morning before it gets too hot.  I think the new schedule will be a big help when we have animals to care for.  Since we know that things will get done and it’s okay if they don’t get done today, it won’t put us behind, we should be good.  We’ll still have those weeks off for swim lessons and camping and visiting Grandma and Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I know that a steadier routine will probably be healthier in the long run for all of us.  No time to forget our multiplication facts and our letter sounds.

I’m excited and already feel calmer about how our "check book"s look (that’s what Kurt call’s my Instructor Guides).  Report cards came out this week and everyone is doing fine.  I’m so proud of Kristen and the progress that she is making in spelling/phonics.  She still doesn’t really hear the ng combination, but she’s more aware that it exists.  Her spelling as improved alot and her ability to retain the spelling patterns.  It’s just one of those things that came to her a little later than the "norm".

Well, this is completely different from the entry that the computer ate.  Karra is thinking that she would like to be a nurse and help babies be born.  She’d also like to volunteer at The Columbus Women’s Clinic and give ultrasounds and help save unborn babies.  I’m so proud of her.  She’d make an awesome nurse – or a doctor.  She’s still passionate about animals but has decided that maybe Dad is right and being an animal scientist may not pay as well and have as bright a future.  Besides, there is nothing like the miracle of a baby to put the kabosh on evolution!

And that’s the latest adventure at The Happy Palace Prep Academy.

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