We had a wonderful time last night.  We’d been invited to a get together with our Care Pastors from church.  They’re were about 8 adults and 7 children, and we ate and visited and just got to know each other a little.  It will be a bi-weekly Bible study until about April.

I think sometimes we get so busy and wrapped up in our own lives that we tend to forget the importance of fellowship with others who share our faith.  We go to a BIG church and it has taken us 15 years just to get to know a handful of other couples.  The friends we have though are good friends.  Joel’s not the mot social of creatures and that’s fine, but not everyone is like that.  I love to get toghether and visit with other adults.  For new couples and singles coming into our church, getting to know others and becoming part of the extended family can be the difference between staying and leaving.

Just a few reflections on the pond this morning.  God bless your weekend.

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