Psalm 27:4 "One thing have I desired; that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life."

A Capable Woman

I love it when Joel calls me a capable woman!  And boy did he need my capabilities this morning!!

I went out to tend the chickens this morning and told him that I thought if I shoveled a little bit I could get the van out today.  (This major observation made without my contacts in.) 

He generously offered to turn the van around for me since it was facing toward the back.  I sat down to check Karra’s math & we saw the van flying down the driveway toward the road – and then it stopped.  And it stayed stopped.  So, off I go in my pajamas to rescue my darling from the clutches of a snow packed driveway.  (I did send Karra up the stairs for my contacts so that I could see my way to a rescue)  Joel fired up my wonderful, darling, 4-wheeler and found a tow rope (boy those Christmas gifts he gives out sure come in handy! huh, Rachel??).  Sooo, we fix the tow rope to the van and the 4-wheeler and we give it a good tug backward.  Joel decides to try another run at the road and if we can get it out, we’ll park at the neighbors since they’re right by the road.  Nothing doing.  Stuck solid again.  Back we tow the van so that’s it’s by the house.  Time to take the Civic out so Joel can go to work.  I run the 4-wheeler up and back down the driveway to clear the tracks a little.  I get back to the garage & he heads down the driveway for all that little car is worth and he almost makes it!  But of course, almost doesn’t count except in horseshoes and hand granades.  So, stap the tow rope to the 4-wheeler and the front of the Civic.  Hit the throttle and head for the road!!!  Yippee, I made it!   POWIE!!   Ooops, the strap clip broke and the Civic is now stuck fast in the heavy slop that the snow plow likes to use to kill our mailboxes.  Oh, well, drive around and through the yard and come up behind the Civic.  Oh, duh, you want me facing toward the house so that we can tow it backwards – sorry about that.  So, back up to the Civic, reattach tow rope to car and tug.  Nothing happens.  I mean NOTHING happens.  I can’t even see his tires spin.  We finally trade places and he works the wheeler & I work the car and finally, finally we get it loose & backed up for another run.  Drive the wheeler back to the front of the car and reattach the tow rope.  "Go like anything and keep that rope tight."  ""Yes, sir!!""  And away we go and we’re out on the rode in the snow and I’m so excited I’d have towed him all the way to 42 – but he hit the brakes & I came to a dead stop.  My wonderful husband jumps out of his car and says – "now there’s a capable woman!"  Sigh – better than a mushy, red Valentine.   Big kiss in the middle of the road and off he goes to work & I take my dear, red, hotrod of a 4-wheeler flying down the drivewary sliding through the snow and back to his nice cozy spot in the barn.

(And lest Debbie continue to picture me on my 4-wheeler, in the snow & wind, in my pajamas, I did put on a pair of Joel’s jeans, a pair of Joel’s socks, my heavy hoodie, a wool coat, a hat, a scarf, boots and gloves – but underneath it all, I was still wearing my M&Ms racing jammies!!)

Later in the morning, the mysterious Bobcat man came and plowed all the driveways on our road.  I’d sure like to thank that man, but rest assured, there are blessings prayed over him.

And that’s what’s happening on the homestead.


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