Psalm 27:4 "One thing have I desired; that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life."

The CAT layed an egg??

I was in a hurry to get the girls from dance last night and after checking the chickens, I set the egg I found in Johnny’s food dish in the garage.  Kurt and I ran off to Marysville to get gas & food & pick up the girls.  We came home and told Kristen to get the egg from Johnny’s dish while I locked up the chickens.

"An egg in Johnny’s food dish!!!??"

"Yes, we’re even more blessed than we thought we were.  Our CAT lays eggs!!"

I really didn’t think I’d have much to report this week.  And I don’t.  Just a few ramblings.  It has been COLD here.  Only 60 today.  I know that places further North are colder, but this is our first shock of the season.  I even shut the windows last night. 

It was enough of a kick to send me to the store to buy some long sleeve shirts for Kurt.  He has 3 from last year and the sleeves are just short enough that they’ll be too small by Christmas.  The next size jeans are so long that he’ll have wear the high waters for a little longer!  We had a good time shopping at Kohl’s.  I’ll show Joel the bill and tell him it was all Karra’s fault!  She kept bringing me things and since my wardrobe needs some serious updating, I tried them on!  I almost bought a lovely pant suit, but would have had to spend another $50 for brown shoes to wear with it.  So I prudently put it back.  I now have some updated clothes and am looking forward to being fashionable for a year or two until the styles change and I’m out-of-date again for years.

Kristen bought a black horse for her American Girl doll to ride (with her birthday and allowance money).  It’s a beautiful horse and came with jumps.  The girls took their Bitty Babies along and Rosie thinks the jumps are for chewing on.  I’m so glad that my girls still love their dolls and that Karra’s not too embarrassed to take a doll or stuffed animal in public.

We’ll be watching the Vice Presidental debate tonight.  Karra watched a local debate for state senator and really enjoyed it.  Joel watched the first Presidential debate with her and I want to watch Sarah Palin tonight.  I love that Karra’s taking an interest in the political process.  It makes teaching history so much easier when she’s actually interested in it!

Enough rambling for now.  I’ll sign off.  We have such a busy month ahead of us that I hope I can update you on all that’s going on:  church picnic at a local park;  picking apples for eating, saucing and buttering; another Zoo Adventure;  a day long trip to the Quarter Horse Congress (the largest single breed horse show in the world – and it lasts all month long right here in Columbus!); and a trip to a dairy farm with our homeschool group.  You’re not the only one wondering when we ever do school!  TTFN


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