Psalm 27:4 "One thing have I desired; that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life."

Unexpected blessings

Boy, Friday and Saturday flew by with business.  I did the grocery shopping on Friday – trying to stretch the two week budget to last for a month.  4 stores in 3 hours and then an evening trip to Sam’s.  I need Joel at Sam’s to lift and push!  The girls cleaned while I shopped, but I still had to sweep and mop.  We won’t mention that I still need to do my other cleaning jobs! – sshhhh

My friend, Debbie, called Thursday and asked if I’d like some hostas and ornamental grasses that she needs to take out of her landscaping.  Sure!  I love hostas and the grasses will look nice in Zoe’s cemetary. 

Well, Saturday morning Kristen & I went to the farmer’s market to see if anyone had pears yet or some early apples and we found a guy with spring flower bulbs.  He must have had 20 different varieties of daffodils and those are Karra’s favorite flowers.  I told her we’ll go back and buy some to plant in the front garden (Zoe’s cemetary).  So, I"m excited about helping Karra start the garden and Joel comes home from a post hole digging job and said the guy gave him some stuff and it’s in the back of the truck.  I go look and the bed of his truck is FULL of cement garden edgers.  Curved and straight and most of them interlocking.  We outlined two gardens for Karra under the front windows; a small triangle by the back deck for the hostas; and completely surrounded the vegetable garden with edgers to spare!  We’ll be able expand the garden and still put a nice border around it.

We agreed that I would unload the truck (hey, it’s weight lifting!) and Joel put Karra on the mower in the back and got out the weed trimmer.  He wacked all of the unsightly weeds in the new garden beds out front, all around the deck and around the garden.  With it’s nice new border, the garden looks good even with weeds!

And lastly, speaking of my garden, we harvested the corn yesterday and have 33 ears.  Please remember, I’ve NEVER successfully grown sweet corn before.  Some of the ears are little and a few aren’t completely full, but I’m hoping to get a gallon bag for the freezer.  I have to do that this afternoon; along with putting the flour and bread flour from Sam’s into the freezer (that’s a fun job.  If I’m not too careful, it snows in my kitchen!).  I picked grape tomatoes on Wed. and weeded around the plants and now I have the itchiest rash on my hand.  I didn’t wear my gloves and and I think I have an allergy to the tomato plants.  Oops!!  

I wish everyone a wonderful week.  Kristen starts school tomorrow and Kurt starts soccer practices on Tues.  We’re going to be getting very busy!!!  TTFN  


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