Psalm 27:4 "One thing have I desired; that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life."

My commit to be fit has been sabotaged!!  My stair climber broke again.  It worked fine Monday though it did seem a little loose and yesterday I sank to the basement.  So, I loaded the kids in the van after breakfast and we went to the Metro Park.  Kurt and Kristen rode their bikes and Karra and I walked and we did a mile.  Today I had to do the exercise video for 2 miles.  As much as I like Leslie Sansone, I think workout videos are annoying.  Hopefully, Joel can theaten the climber into working again.  If not, I need a treadmill, fast!!

We got Kurt’s soccer schedule yesterday and so far his practices conflict with dance classes, a Dr. appointment (out of town) and my homeschool support group meetings.  His games conflict with a hotel/sleepover and Kristen’s big birthday party.  I sure hope Daddy gets involved or we may lose the girls at the dance studio!  (Not that Karra would mind).

Well, I’m thinking of keeping a dreaded food diary.  It really started to hit me at my Mom’s how much food I consume.  Jesus said that it’s not what goes into the body that corrupts it, but what comes out of the heart.  However, the quantity that goes in definitely corrupts the body!!  While in Michigan, my friend, Beth, and I joked about a weekly e-mail to keep each other accountable for our exercise (she runs).  I think it’s a great idea and motivator for me.  I’ll probably never run a marathon, but actually looking at how often I exercise next to how much I eat, may motivate me to do more of the first and less of the second.  If food just didn’t taste so good, KWIM?   So far this week, I’ve climbed 115 floors (.73 miles) and walked 3.  I’ve also lifted weights twice.  I’m not about to share how much I’ve eaten, but that peach cobble sure did taste good!

Have a blessed day today.  We’re off to the orthodontist, the library, Home Depot and a reconnoiter for the location of the soccer fields.  Oh, and I need to see my friend, Gail, the Honey Lady.  Pooh sure does love honey.  Tonight we order dance shoes and buy those much anticipated soccer cleats!!  TTFN


Comments on: "Hodge Podge on a Wednesday morning" (2)

  1. TammyLynn said:

    I’m right there with ya in the fitness department. This is an issue I have struggled with for about 20yrs now ( since I left high school and basketball behind 🙂 ) Keep up the good work, sounds like you are doing well with things.


  2. Thanks, Tammy. Every little bit of encouragement helps. I know I carry on like I'm hugely overweight, but it's more a middle age shift that caught me off guard. I never got back in shape after I had my son and it really caught up with me the last couple of years. You hang in there, too. 🙂

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