Psalm 27:4 "One thing have I desired; that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life."

We survived the week!

I’m so proud of me!  I worked out 3 days this week – at 6am no less!  It’s quite an accomplishment to get me out of bed at 5:45 and moving without coffee.  I pre-read Karra’s school books on the stair climber and I highly recommend Henry Reed, Inc., by Keith Robertson.  It was written in 1958 and it’s about the son of a diplomat who spends the summer in NJ with his aunt & uncle.  If all of her books are this good, I may workout 5 days a week!

And we survived the week without Joel.  (He’ll find out soon enough that I didn’t take the trash out last night, so, sshhhh, don’t tell him!)  My neighbor, Amanda, called this morning and, thinking that we were leaving today instead of Sunday for my Mom’s, offered to take the kids to the park while I packed and got the car ready.  I was only going to run errands and do some shopping, so the kids went to the park and then got a tour of the fire station.  They had a good time and even had most of their house cleaning done before I got home.  Right now they’re next door having a water balloon fight.

Now, I have to make a very detailed note for Joel on how to care for the chickens (when to change the water, how to fill the food, etc.  All he does right now is let them out to free range in the evening, so that he can watch them.  Hey, if it relaxes him at all, go for it!) while we’re at my Mom’s.  He also has to feed both cats (one in, one out) and check on Karra’s gold fish.  He says I can’t go anywhere once we have a cow.  He will NOT milk the cow.  Chicken!!

I’ve been reading the county classifieds and circling the ads I want Joel to pay attention to.  I’ve found Kristen’s dream quarter horse twice:  black, mare, kid friendly.  I found Karra’s dream miniature on Craig’s List:  white, rides, jumps and drives.  Too bad we’re not buying right now. 

I’m sure I’ll have lots to report on next week when we get back.  We’re excited to see my niece, Stepfanie, show her llama again this year.  It’s fun to back home to fair and see all of your old friends’ kids winning ribbons and showing animals.  Not to mention Joel’s extended family owning a few catergories!  I bid you adieu for a week.  TTFN


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  1. smmagers said:

    Good for you! How nice you got a break. Your poor future cow, if he wont milk her while you go away. Keep looking for horses. There are so many free ones now with the price of feed here. We pay $19.00 for a 121 pound bale of hay! I go through 6+ a week and that is not including grain , chicken, pig goat and the other animals! See if you have a horse trader where you live. It is a by weekly sale magazine we get at our feed store. God Bless, mj

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