Psalm 27:4 "One thing have I desired; that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life."

A Wheelin’ We Did Go!

Joel and I finally got away for a 4-wheeling trip.  We didn’t go to Hatfield-McCoy in WV as planned, we went to Hanging Rock in southern Ohio near Ironton.  We stayed overnight at the Riverview Bed & Breakfast Inn in Franklin Furnace, OH.  George and Bobbie Sich were very nice and breakfast was delicious!  I’m not sure if they served a  quiche or a souffle, but it was wonderfully tasty.  The Inn sits right on the Ohio River and has a tiered deck on the back that looks out across the water.  Bobbie has decorated the inn with beautiful hand sewn quilts in every room.  This is a gorgeous, romantic place to stay.  They host lots of weddings!  Of course, we didn’t pick our sleeping spot based on romance (sigh), we needed somewhere to lock up the wheelers overnight.  George accomodated us with room in the garage.

We set off Friday morning for the Hanging Rock Trail Head.  We met some wonderful members of the Hanging Rock ATV Club at the trail head who went out of their way to make sure we had directions to the Pine Creek Trail Head, back to Wheelersburg, OH, for gas and food, and maps to get us there.  They were certainly a friendly bunch of guys!  We finally set off on the best trail ride we have ever had!  These trails were so much nicer (and smoother) than the trails at Monday Creek (near Nelsonville, OH) that we had ridden in the past.  I kept thinking that they would be perfect for Kristen (she did not like riding at Monday Creek!).  By the end of the ride we had passed through some very treacherous hills and I ammended my thoughts about Kristen riding there. 

Our first hilarious moment came when we met a chicken!  You read that right, a chicken!   A beautiful, red hen that I think was a Rhode Island Red.  She just stood in the middle of the trail and looked at me.  Of course we took pictures (that I will upload eventually).  Then, she wouldn’t get out of the trail.  I chased her for 50 yards and she squawked and flapped her wings and scurried along, but never got off the trail.  She may not lay an egg for 6 months!  She finally picked a hill to scurry up and into the brush.  We giggled and laughed for a good long time.  Joel said it was just for me, since I’m so into getting chickens right now!

We rode 21 of the 26 miles of trails at Hanging Rock and even did some jumping over the bumps!  Yes, I caught air on my Rincon!  We ate at Arby’s (it’s a tradition), then drove off to find the Lyra Trail Head at Pine Creek.  Our ATV Club friends were very thorough in their directions and we found it with no trouble!

Our most hilarious adventure came on the return ride on the Lyra trail.  Joel decided to take his wheeler through a mud hole.  I have 4-wheel drive; he does not.  You guessed it, he got stuck but good!  I laughed; I giggled; I chuckled; I took pictures; I giggled.  Unfortunately, we had no tow line and he was really stuck.  After tying his jacket to both 4-wheelers and telling me to hit the throttle, we had 1 stuck wheeler, and 2 pieces of denim jacket.  I wish I could have seen my own face at the sight of his jacket torn in two!  It tore the front panel and sleeve completely free from the collar and the lower band.  So much for the strength of old denim!  We eventually were able to put logs and tree limbs under the back tires for traction (Joel lifted the wheeler of course – I love being married to a he-man!).  So, with Joel lifting the rear end and pushing, I leaned over and gave it the gas.  It went forward and I went down (with visions of ME stuck in the mud!).   We were unstuck and on our way.  I REALLY giggled and chuckled and laughed and laughed and laughed all the way back to the truck.  Joel did not find it very amusing, but he did share the story with friends at church this morning.

I really enjoy our 4-wheeler adventures.  I told Joel we still need to go twice a year.  It’s just too much fun.  Well, the kids and I are back to school this week.  I think we’ll try to cram the 6 week study of Josephina into the 5 weeks before Thanksgiving.  Have a blessed week, everyone!  TTFN


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